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Court of Appeal confirms condo directors can hold ethics review under by-law

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The Ontario Court of Appeal has upheld a by-law provision which empowers a condominium board of directors to hold an ethics review and disqualify one of its members if the board determines the member has breached the directors’ code of ethics on at least three occasions.  The decision can be read here.

This is the first condo by-law of its kind.  We blogged about the by-law on August 8, 2012.

While Codes of Ethics for Directors have found some currency in the condo industry, there has, to date, been no dedicated enforcement mechanism.



Why You Should Pass A Standard Unit By-Law

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All condominium corporations created prior to the enactment of the Condominium Act, 1998 (“the Act”) should pass a standard unit by-law, if one is not already in place. For condominium corporations created after May 5, 2001 the declarant is required by the Act to deliver a schedule defining the standard unit. Although the Act does not require condominium corporations, whether new or old, to pass a standard unit by-law, the following article will discuss the benefits of passing one.



Disaster Planning - Is Your Condominium Corporation Prepared If Disaster Strikes?

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The world’s climate is changing and the effects of these changes are evident as we face disturbing fluctuations in temperatures, melting glaciers and rising water levels, stronger storms, increased storm damage and other extreme weather events. Do you recall the recent ice storm of December, 2013 which left hundreds of thousands of people all across Ontario and the surrounding areas without heat and power for days? What about Hurricane Katrina which destroyed much of New Orleans? In the past few years, there have been more reports on floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, snowstorms and blizzards, wildfires, volcanic eruptions, melting polar icecaps, and major health epidemics occurring all around the world than ever before. These events have an enormous impact on our communities, health and the economy. Governments are recognizing the impacts of climate change and have started warning and advising people on how to be better prepared for disaster.


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