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September 15, 2014 Bradley Chaplick

Condominium Rules

A condominium corporation’s rules, unlike its declaration, must be reasonable. As a general rule of thumb, a rule is most likely to be reason...

September 12, 2013 Bradley Chaplick

Durham Condominium Corp. No. 56 v. Stryk: Chargebacks and Refusing Payments

The court in Stryk upheld the practice by condominium corporations of collecting chargebacks from unit owners by applying monthly pre-authorized pa...


March 22, 2013 Bradley Chaplick

The Ten Things You Need to Know About Smoking in Condos

1) Smoking is illegal in indoor common areas The Smoke Free Ontario Act provides, in part, that “no person shall smoke or hold lighted tobacc...

May 16, 2012 Bradley Chaplick
Posted in Condo Litigation

Condo Ordered to Pay Damages to Residents Affected by Second-Hand Smoke

In the Ontario condo law community, the debate rages about smoking and what to do about it. Meanwhile, in British Columbia, the B.C. Human Right...

May 11, 2012 Bradley Chaplick
Posted in Condo Litigation

When will a condominum board's decisions be reviewed by the courts?

Discretionary Tools: How your Condominium Can Make Expert Decisions A board of directors in a condominium corporation is routinely required to ma...

October 28, 2011 Bradley Chaplick

Are Your Condominium Corporation's Rules Discriminatory?

In the most recent case, Pantoliano v. MTCC 570 and YCC 531, the applicant, a condominium resident, commenced legal proceedings after she was re...


April 12, 2011 Bradley Chaplick
Posted in General Interest

Condos in the News

Early this morning, a hot water supply pipe burst in a 30-storey Mississauga-area condominium tower. The building was evacuated, and at least on...

April 04, 2011 Bradley Chaplick
Posted in Condo Litigation

Requests for Records under the Condominium Act: A Clear Warning to Unit Owners

A common challenge facing condominium corporations is the presence of "condo commandos", unit owners who engage in a course of conduct that interf...

February 25, 2011 Bradley Chaplick
Posted in condominium act

Springtime in Toronto, Pets and Enforcing Rules

As I walk my dog around the grounds of my condominium building, the melting snow reveals a springtime tradition; mounds of dog waste, thawing on...

October 29, 2010 Bradley Chaplick
Posted in Condo Litigation

Rear Deck Case Affirms Condominium Corporations’ Rights

In the recent case of Durham C.C. No. 90 v. Wallace, the unit owners in question had sought and obtained approval from the condominium corporati...


September 17, 2010 Bradley Chaplick
Posted in Condo Litigation

Dangerous Neighbours

What can a condominium corporation do when a resident is creating a dangerous situation? As shown in the recent decision of MTCC 747 v. Koro...

September 03, 2010 Bradley Chaplick
Posted in General Interest

Important Information Website for Ontario Condominium Residents

If you have questions about buying, selling, or living in a condominium, click here to go to an information website created by the Ontario Governm...

December 17, 2009 Bradley Chaplick
Posted in General Interest

Mandatory Metropasses for New Toronto Condominiums

Toronto condominium developers will now be required to provide a 12-month Metropass with each residential condominium unit as a condition of obt...

December 10, 2009 Bradley Chaplick
Posted in General Interest

Court of Appeal Delivers its Decision in the McMahon Hot Tub Case

Click here for the complete decision. In this case, the Court of Appeal dismissed the condominium corporation’s appeal, and held that ...

December 07, 2009 Bradley Chaplick
Posted in General Interest

Snow and Ice Removal - A Warning to Landlords

Speaking to all of the landlords and tenants in Ontario, the recent case of Montgomery v. Van clarifies the duty to remove snow and ice. In this ...


November 25, 2009 Bradley Chaplick
Posted in General Interest

Decorating for the Holidays

As the holiday season is upon us, I’m reminded of a story about Christmas decorations in a condominium building’s common element lob...

November 09, 2009 Bradley Chaplick
Posted in General Interest

The Mezuzah Conundrum - Religious Fixtures on Common Element Doorposts

Over the years, there have been several court cases that set out the relationship between human rights and the Condominium Act, 1998. These...

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