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Jun 1, 2014 | Article

Using Committees: Great Idea or Not?

As published in the Summer 2014 edition of CM Magazine.  Introduction Many corporations avoid using committees because of the perception that ...

Dec 29, 2009 | Article

Alteration or No Alteration: The Implications of the McMahon Hot Tub Case

The Court of Appeal recently rendered its decision in the case of Wentworth Condominium Corporation No. 198 v. McMahon, known as the "hot tub case...

Dec 18, 2009 | Article

Who Gets to Keep the Fee for Issuing Status Certificates?

Pursuant to the Condominium Act, 1998 and the regulations passed thereto, it is the corporation which is entitled to collect the $100 statutory fee...

Dec 9, 2009 | Article

Want to Pass a New Pet Rule? Prepare to be Challenged!

As published in the Winter 2009 edition of the CondoVoice Magazine.  As a director, you are no doubt aware that the unit owners and residents...

Dec 1, 2009 | Article

Motions are an Essential Part of Board Meetings

Proper parliamentary procedure requires that each item of business at a condominium corporation board meeting be brought before the board for consi...

Nov 25, 2009 | Article

Do All "Disagreements" Require Resolution by Mediation and Arbitration? Apparently Not!

The recent judgment of the Court of Appeal in the case of Nipissing Condominium Corporation No. 4 v. Simard [2009] ONCA 743 (Docket 20091028) opens...

Jul 20, 2009 | CondoByte

CONDOBYTE - How to Prepare Proper Proof of Service of the Notice of Owners\ Meeting

A proper proof of service regarding the service of the notice of owners\' meeting requires the completion of an Affidavit of Service, which: m...

Sep 1, 2005 | Article

Beware of Potentially Nasty Shocks!

As published in the Fall 2005 edition of CM Magazine.  AS THE COST of hydro electricity keeps rising, many condominium corporations are curre...

Jun 1, 2004 | Article

The Case of the Blue Stained Deck

As published in the Summer ​2004 edition of CondoVoice Magazine.  The pitfalls of the mediation and arbitration dispute resolution procedure ...

Jun 1, 2003 | Article

Alterations to Common Elements - A Headache for the Board? Not Anymore!

As published in the Summer 2003 edition of CondoVoice Magazine.  Not long ago under the old Condominium Act, whenever a unit owner proposed t...

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